The UN-Memorial Cemetery was built in order to commemorate the soldiers who fell during the Korean War.  

On June 25th 1950, the North Korean army crossed the 38th degree of latitude, which, after end of the Second World War and the Japanese occupation, was set as a borderline separating the Soviet from the American sphere of influence.

The cemetary extends over 14.39 hectares and was built by the United Nations in January 1951. The killed soldiers from 6 other cemetaries in Korea (Kaesong, Taejon, Taegu, Miryang and Masan) were buried together in this cemetery.

The victims of several nations lie buried here together:

Australia (281), Canada (378), France (44), Netherlands (117), New Zealand (34), South Africa (11), Turkey (462), Great Britain (885), Norway (1), USA (36) and the Republic of Korea (36). There are in addition 4 unknown soldiers and 11 soldiers coming from nations that did not enter the war.

One can reach the UN-Memorial by taking either the subway (line 2, Daeyeon Station) or coach (25, 51, 68, 134). It is close to both the Busan Museum and the Busan Cultural Center.



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