Becoming One: Korean Soils To Unite in Space

A gush of wind on the land of the morning calm, that’s how one can describe the “Forgotten War” that has a continuing significance on this nation’s history. This gush of wind will disappear in the vacuums of space, as a young astronaut from South Korea who is about to be sent into orbit has announced that he would take the soil from each side of the DMZ and mix them together while in orbit around the earth.

A people with a unique history and culture, the Koreans have resisted foreign subjugation and endured the pain caused by the division of their country. Soon after the war, both sides of the divided country have developed literature, although trotting in their separate ways, both of them cleverly indoctrinate the people that there is hope in the horizon. A gleaming hope that the day would come when the imperial glory of old reincarnate itself into a modern form of united national pride and readiness to face the challenges of the contemporary world.

True, it is in a contemporary setting. But some have taken this dream into the last frontiers of humanity, to symbolize how this dream can become a reality in the near future. The dream of becoming one, united and strong. That is the dream of Ko San, an AI researcher selected by the South Korean Government in 2006 to wave the Tae Kuk in the vast ocean of stars.

For a people who believe that anything is possible, a new dawn is about to rise in this land of the morning calm…




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