Behavior in Korea

In Korea, more so than in other Asiatic countries, it is important to pay attention to many small details when communicating to other people.  

Welcoming in Korea

In Korea, one welcomes other people with a bow. Today, many Koreans do prefer a handshake, at least at the first meeting, be it with Koreans or foreigners. Others will first bow and then shake hands.  

When eating

For eating meals in Korea one uses chopsticks. The chopsticks should be placed onto the rice bowl or, if they are no longer in need, beside oneself on the table. The chopsticks should in no circumstances be stuck into the rice, because this would resemble procedures at sacrificial ceremonies for the deceased.

It is a common rule in Korea never to pour beverages into ones own glass. If the glass is empty, then your neighbor or the host will top you up, in order to show that he or she is paying attention to you. One should do the same also with others. If the glass of another table neighbor should be empty, then one should offer to fill it. While doing so, it is a rule of politeness to use both hands.

When drinking, Koreans clink glasses with each other, though when drinking to persons of a higher social rank (older people), one should pay attention that one is holding ones glass in a somewhat lower position than the other does.



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