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Seoul has two airports: the Seoul Incheon Airport for international flights and the Seoul Kimpo Airport for domestic flights. If flying to another city after arriving at Incheon Airport in Seoul, shuttle busses are available that run between the two airports. The coach ride takes approximately 40 minutes, and departs every 20 minutes. A ticket costs 6000 Won, and it can be purchased directly at the bus stop in front of the airport.

Korea Visa Requirements

Traveling to South Korea is for the most part a simple task, as the government is relatively lax on foreign entry. For short stays of less than one month, nationals of most countries will not be required to obtain a visa. Citizens of many countries will even be allowed to stay for 3 months, and Canadians are allowed 6 months of stay without needing any visa documents.

Seoul Korea

600 Years of Korean history can be found back in the capital of South-Korea: Seoul. Seoul is the Korean center of architecture, religion, politics, film, literature, art, music, dance, food and fashion. It can all be found in this metropolis, where 10.3 million Koreans find their home. Although the city is surrounded by mountains and split by the Han-river, Koreans find their way around easily by a well-developed infrastructure of public transport.

Busan Korea

Busan is both the second largest town as well as the biggest port-city of Korea. Busan is a sympathetic town with the typical flair of a seaport. Busans main attractions are the wonderful beaches (Haeundae-beach), the UN-Memorial, several temples such as Beomeosa Temple, the APEC building, the 7.42-km long Gwangang bridge, the Busan-aquarium, and many more.



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