Busan (Pusan)

Busan is both the second largest town as well as the biggest port-city of Korea. Busan is a sympathetic town with the typical flair of a seaport. Busan's main attractions are the wonderful beaches (Haeundae-beach), the UN-Memorial, several temples such as Beomeosa Temple, the APEC building, the 7.42-km long Gwangang bridge, the Busan-aquarium, and many more.

Gwangan Bridge

Gwangan-bridge was finished in December 2002. It took eight years to build it and cost approximately 780 million Euros. Meanwhile, it became one of Pusan's most notable landmarks. The eight-lane bridge extends over 7.42 kilometers in length, and at night, when illuminated, reveals an impressive panorama. You can reach Gwangan bridge by bus (line 38, 140, 155, 240 or 302) or by taking subway line 2, at Geumnyeonsan stop or Gwangan Station.

Busan Aquarium

The Busan Aquarium is located by Haeundae Beach. It is the biggest aquarium in Korea and enables visitors to experience the underwater world at very close quarters. It houses ca. 250 different animal species, showing altogether 35,000 animals. You can see the animals either in aquariums or in underwater tunnels that extend altogether over 80 meters in length. In the largest aquarium, it is possible to take a boat trip, which includes fish feeding.

UN Memorial

The UN-Memorial Cemetery was built in order to commemorate the soldiers who fell during the Korean War. On June 25th 1950, the North Korean army crossed the 38th degree of latitude, which, after end of the Second World War and the Japanese occupation, was set as a borderline separating the Soviet from the American sphere of influence. The cemetery extends over 14.39 hectares and was built by the United Nations in January 1951.

Beomeosa Temple

The Beomeosa Temple is one of the main attractions in Busan. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Korea. Beomeosa temple lies on the Kumjong-san (Kumjong-mountain). According to a Korean legend, the temples water has magic forces, and it is said to be very healthy mountain spring water. Every visitor of the temple drinks a sip of this water, before entering the temple for praying.

Haeundae Beach

Busan is a seaport surrounded by several beaches. The most beautiful of them is the Haeundae-beach. At about 1.5 kilometers in length, it is well worth visiting in the summer as well as the winter. During wintertime, it is a beautiful place to go for a walk, with packs of seagulls overhead. In the summer, the beach is hardly detectable due to all the sunscreens. You can rent boats there and all possible kinds of water sports are catered for in beach proximity.



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