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 There is no need to worry about a place to sleep. Seoul offers plenty accommodations in all price ranges. In general there are 3 different kinds of accommodations:


Hostels and Guesthouses are the cheapest way to live in Seoul. Most hostels and guesthouses can be found around the center and in the area of Hongik, Sinchon and Ewha. Most accommodations offer dorm-beds and single-rooms, hot showers, breakfast, fast Internet and laundry-service. The average price for a dorm-bed is between 15.000 and 20.000 Won, a single room will cost you about 25.000 won.

Because of the street names, it might be hard to find a hostel only by map. Make sure you have the phone-number of the hostel, so someone can pick you up from a main-street.  

During my stay in Seoul, I slept in "Hostel Korea" just outside the center, near Sinseoul-Dong Subway-station. The hostel is close to public transport, cheap, clean and the staff is very helpful.


Motels and Inns can be found everywhere in the city. Motels will cost you between 30.000 Won and 40.000 won a night. For that price you have a single room, with your own bathroom, though many single hostel rooms are cheaper while also providing private bathrooms.

High and Top-end price

Hotels are also easily found. Almost all the top-end hotels are located in the city center in the area of Namdaemun and Myeong-Dong. The cheaper hotels can be found in the surrounding areas.

The city center is located in north middle section above the Han-river. The surrounding areas of Hongik, Sinchon and Ewha, Yeouido, Gangnam and Jamsil & Olympic Park could be good alternatives to the city center.



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