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A Korean night off consists of a good meal, a few beers in a bar, KTV, cinema or a nightclub.


The Korean film industry is big and Koreans love to go to the movies. Therefore cinemas can be found all across Seoul. Most movies showed are domestic, but there are also a lot of imported movies. A Korean movie is often described as more realistic. They are often about domestic social issues and have unpredictable plotting. Watching Korean movies can be a good way to learn more about Korea and its culture.

If your Korean isn't too good, make sure the movie has subtitles before buying tickets.


Hongdae area (Hongik)

Hongdae is the place to be for a good night of dinner, drinks and dancing. Hongdae offers it all and the young crowd of students makes this area very lively. The most popular bars are the HO Bar’s No.1, 2 or 3. For clubbing “Qu Vo” (Hip-Hop), “M2” (House) and “Saab” (R&B) are the places to be.


For some Koreans Itaewon is known as the ghetto of Seoul. In this area you will find most foreigners or immigrants. Although Itaewon has a bit of an image problem, it is quite popular when it comes to partying. Itaewon is also famous as the location of Seoul’s gay-scene.

The best club nights are Friday and Saturday. During the week there is not much happening. The entrance fee to the biggest clubs is around 10.000 Won and a beer will cost you around 3000 Won.

The last Friday of the month is known as Hongik Club Day, which means you can get entrance to 11 dance clubs in Hongdae area for 15.000 Won. It is known as the best night out in Asia, but expect the clubs to be crowded.



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