Shopping in Seoul

Seoul is a heaven for shopping addicts. The streets of Seoul are filled with shops, from the most expensive luxury goods to the cheapest market goods.


Myeongdong is the main shopping-area for fashionable young people. Korean youngsters can be found here seeking to catch up with the latest trends. Shops and clothes are similar to those found in Europe and America, as are their prices.

Dongdaemun market

Dongdaemun is a huge wholesale and retail shopping area. Between the narrow filled alleys you will find four huge shopping malls, where you can buy not only clothes, but also a lot of food. The prices are cheaper than in normal shops, but you will have to do some bargaining to get the best deals.

Namdaemun market

Namdaemun market is a more traditional market. Although you can still buy a wide range of goods, the market focuses on food and household products. Backpackers will also be able to find a good deal of goods here. The market also includes small restaurants and underground arcades.

Seoul also offers a lot of underground shopping. Down the subway-stations you will find a lot of small shops.



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