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The city of Seoul is connected by a wide subway-system, comparable with those in Paris and London. The system is clean, fast and cheap and you will be able to get anywhere in the city. There are 8 lines, recognizable by color. In the center you can count 2 minutes in between stops, which means 10 stops will take approximately 20 minutes. Entering the subway will cost you 900 won for the first 12 kilometers of traveling. Afterwards, you pay another 100 won for every 6 kilometers. The subway operates between 5:30 am till around midnight.

When you enter a subway and you are wondering why some people are standing while there are still open seats at the end of the carriage, do not take a seat. These seats are reserved for elderly, disabled or pregnant women, and occupying them could be taken as very impolite.

At the subway station desk you can buy a T-Money credit card, which you can reload with credit to pay for public transport.


Another way to travel through Seoul is to take the bus system. Buses run throughout the city, but many stops are not yet translated in English. To be sure you are taking the right bus, write down your destination in Korean and check with the bus driver or other passengers first.

Taking a bus costs approximately the same as the subway, though it will likely take more time, depending on the traffic jam. Try to avoid taking buses during the rush hours, between 7 am - 9 am and 17:00 pm - 19:00 pm

When you are paying with a T-Money credit card, don't forget to scan your card again when you get off the bus.


For travel from Seoul to the rest of Korea, Seoul Station is the place to be. Here you are able to get a train to every other city in Korea. The train system is modern and fast. From Seoul it will only take you 3 hours to enter the city of Busan on the other side of the country. A train ticket from Seoul to Busan will cost you around 40.000 won.

To travel to the east-coast most trains depart from Cheongnyangni station in the east of the center.


Taxis are another alternative for the subway. They are relatively cheap and fast. During the day their starting price is 1600 won for the first 2 kilometers, after that the meter should rise 100 won extra for every 168 meters or 41 seconds. During the night, the start-price is raised by 20%.

Few taxi drivers can speak English, but most of them offer free interpreters, meaning you call a number, give the location, and the interpreter will explain it to the taxi-driver.

Because street names are not common, describe the desired location by land-marks, subway-station and area's



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