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While most expats living in Korea do not experience any problems with their employers and greatly enjoy their experience abroad, a small minority have encountered problems such as employers not honoring contracts, often promising generous salaries bonuses and amenities that they are unable to provide. In these cases, your countries embassy will be unable to either conduct an investigation or act as a lawyer on your behalf. It is therefore recommended that you thoroughly investigate your employer before applying, and contact former employees for more information regarding the position.

Furthermore, business contracts in Korea are often treated as working agreements, and employers will not always abide strictly by them. Therefore, you should be ready to argue against breaches in the contract so that you are not taken advantage of. If you still encounter problems working in Korea, you should contact the Seoul Help Center for Foreigners, or find a similar organization in the city of your employment (The Busan Foundation for International Activities provides similar services).

Job Openings in Korea

By far the most common job for foreigners is in education, teaching English at the various institutions across the nation. For more information about these jobs visit our teaching English in Korea section. With the proper qualifications, you will find many job openings in other sectors. The IT sector in particular is currently in high demand for workers, including Web programmers, 3D design workers, internet consultants, network specialists, etc.

For finding job openings in Seoul, jobs.seoul.go.kr is a good place to start. www.worknplay.co.kr is another popular job listing portal.

Writing your Resume/CV for a job in Korea

The standard format for writing your resume or CV for a Korean company is to list work experience in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent experience. For each, first input the period of your employment including year and month, and then describe your responsibilities and achievements that are relevant to the job you are applying to. If applicable, indicate how many subordinates you managed.



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