Living in Korea: The Basics

When living in a new country, there will always be some essential information that one should be aware of. Whether you are still deciding to visit or have already settled down, here you can find all the basic and necessary facts one should know when in Korea. Find out Korea’s country code, currency conversion rates, and major holidays. While “Korea” often refers to the entire Korean peninsula, including both North and South Korea, this section naturally deals with the Life of a foreigner in South Korea.

Full Country Name: Republic of Korea

Capital: Seoul

Date of Independence: 15 August 1945

Korean Government Type: Republic

National Flag

Time in Korea: Greenwich Mean Time +9 hours; US Eastern Standard Time +14 hours

Korea Country Code: 82 (011 is the international access code, so for dialing to Korea: 011 82 city code+number)

Korean Currency: South Korean Won (KRW) Conversion Rates below (as of July 2007)

·         1 USD = 915.316 KRW

·         1 EUR = 1,265.12 KRW

·         1 GBP = 1,881.17 KRW

Korea population: 49,044,790 (estimation as of July 2007)

Korea Climate: Temperate with summer monsoon season. Summer max: 88°F, 31°C. Winter min: 16°F, -9°C

Religion: Christianity and Buddhism are the two dominant religions in South Korea. Most Koreans have no religion.


  • January 1st & 2nd – New Year’s

Korean New Year

  • February 18th 2007, February 7th 2008, January 26th 2009
  • March 1st – Independence Movement Day
  • April 5th – Arbor Day
  • May 5th – Children’s Day
  • 8th day of 4th lunar month – Buddha’s Birthday
  • May 24th 2007, May 12th 2008, May 2nd 2009
  • June 6th – Memorial Day
  • 5th day of 5th lunar month – Dano
  • June 19th 2007, June 8th 2008, June 28th 2009
  • July 17th – Constitution Day
  • August 15th – Liberation Day
  • 15th day of 8th lunar month – Harvest Moon Festival (Chuseok)
  • September 25th 2007, September 14th 2008, October 3rd 2009
  • October 3rd – Foundation Day
  • December 25th – Christmas Day



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